Our services

"Helping Families Find Joy in Parenting"

Frequently Addressed Challenges

Temper Tantrums
Anxiety in Young Children
Attention Problems

Adjustment to Life Changes
Recovery from Trauma, Neglect or Abuse
Oppositional Behaviors
Sibling Conflict

Potty Training
Preschool/Kindergarten Adjustment
Developmental Delays with Maladaptive Behaviors
Negative Acting Out
Challenging Behaviors & Non Compliance
Learning Disabilities
Separation Anxiety
Infertility & Adoption
Sensory Processing Challenges
New Parents Bringing Home Baby
 Chores/Manners/ Respect for Caregivers

Carolina Parenting Solutions, PLLC
 is a specialty private practice 
providing child and family therapy 
to infants, toddlers and very young children 
and their families. 

Proudly serving children from 

birth to 8 years old 
and their parents of all ages.

Our expert clinicians provide 
comprehensive evaluations 
and work closely with parents to create 
individualized treatment plans 
to address behavioral problems in the home,
at preschool and in the community.

All services provided in the comfort and privacy 
of your own home.

*Please kindly note that we do NOT offer any of the following:

crisis intervention services

custody mediation services

legal or court related services

parenting classes 

intensive in home services