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Our Services

​​This Is What We Treat:

​And any challenges that arise big or small in the earliest of years ...

*Temper Tantrums        *Anxiety in Young Children        *Sibling Conflict
*Potty Training        *Preschool/Kindergarten Adjustment        

*Attention Problems        *Attachment Challenges        *Selective Mutism

*Adjustment to Life Changes       *Recovery from Trauma, Neglect or Abuse
*Oppositional Behaviors        *Sleep problems

*Developmental Delays with Maladaptive Behaviors

*Poor Social Engagement Skills        *Negative Acting Out

*Sadness and Depression in Young Children        *Infertility & Adoption
*Emotional Regulation Difficulties        *Separation Anxiety
*Adjustment to New Home, New Pre School, Significant Life Events
*Challenging Behaviors & Non Compliance        

*Behaviors & Social Engagement associated with Autism        *Sensory Processing Challenges

*Learning Disabilities/Avoidance & School Performance Anxiety
*New Parents Bringing Home Baby         *Chores/Manners/ Respect for Caregivers

and many more........​

*This is what we DON'T do*

We do NOT offer any of the following services:

crisis intervention services

custody mediation services

legal or court related services

parenting classes 

intensive in home services

marital therapy


In-Home Child & Family Therapy
Professional Parenting Support
Infant Mental Health