Costs & Coverage

"Helping Families Find Joy in Parenting"

We are a Fee For Service 
Private Practice.

Carolina Parenting Solutions, PLLC, has extremely reasonable Fee For Service. 

The evaluation fee is $145 & each subsequent treatment/consultation session is $110.  

At this time, we are only accepting: 

Blue Cross Blue Shield

(*payment, copays, coinsurance, deductibles and related costs vary according to your specific plan coverage.)
NC Medicaid (Cardinal Innovations Medicaid, NC Tracks, NC HealthChoice)


SC Medicaid (SC Healthy Connections, Molina, Absolute Total Care/Cepatico) 

​*Other fees apply to a variety of other treatment options and specialized services as your thearpist determines is needed to reach your family treatment goals.

*Payment is due at the time services are rendered.  Fees for Services are processed by our central administration so that your therapist can focus solely on treatment and your child's and family's need during therapy session time.

There is a one time, non refundable $35 registration fee for new services processed at the time we are able to offer you a therapy option that you agree is workable in your scheduling needs.

We will be happy to provide you a detailed statement for each service for your convenience and with which you can see possible reimbursement from your individual insurance carrier at your leisure.

Getting Started
Families in need of services, simply complete the 
Confidential Online Intake Registration Form
on the Contact Us.

No Referrals Necessary!

It's super simple get started and get your therapist out to get started right away.

And you, too, can let us help you "Find the Joy in Parenting"

Just complete the On Line Intake Registration Form on the Contact Us page (last tab on this website.)

Referrals from other Primary Care Physicians or other Providers
can be done by entering information on the
   Confidential On Line Intake Registration Form
on the next page in as much detail as possible, 
however, we do strongly encourage families to take the initial steps 
in ownership of the process and leadership in their child's behavioral health.

If you have questions about services and need to know if our practice is right for you, 
you can call our main # 704-718-8657 
or email directly to us at  

*However, if you are interested in services, do complete the On Line Intake Registration Form, so that we can do some work in the background to see what availability we have to offer in your area that might fit your scheduling needs.

***It is important that families take this vital first step in owning responsibility for the mental health/social emotional health of their young child.  When the family calls, they receive a free, brief telephone consultation with a fully licensed therapist. 

This is important in order to assess that we are the appropriate provider, that outpatient child treatment is the appropriate level of care and to discuss the clear expectation of parental commitment and active participation as a primary expectation of our clinical practice.This is also a time where we can discuss our costs, billing policies and step by step procedures for completing the child and family evaluation and recommendations for treatment.