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Here are some insurance details and questions to ask just when checking on your child's mental health/behavioral health care benefits.
Payments for services are due at the time the service is rendered. 

*Please understand that your mental health/behavioral health benefits are your contract/agreement with your insurance carrier, so you should make a call or inquiry, yourself, and check on your specific plan's benefits and coverage. Statements and information given to you by your insurance carrier do not guarantee payment for services, so be aware that the information you get is a best estimate and payments are not processed until we file claims for services. We recommend that you contact your plan ahead of time to inquire about your specific plan coverage.

 *It is important that you understand that, while we bill claims to your plan as a courtesy, you are ultimately responsible for the charges for our clinical services.

1. If you have an unmet deductible, you will be responsible for the costs of services. However, you will be billed only the discounted, contracted rate since we are an in network provider (generally $123.94 for evaluation/re evaluation sessions and $82.72-$98.26 for subsequent therapy/treatment sessions). Your out of pocket costs will go against your deductible because we are in network, so you are still maximizing your benefits. 

2. We will bill estimated co pays, coinsurances and/or charges after each service is provided to the method of payment you provided, along with your signed consent, during the intake process.  

This is a description of our clinical services and the CPT/billing codes we use.
Outpatient Mental Health/Behavioral Health Child & Family Therapy

90791, 90847, 90846, 90837 and 90834  

Here are some other suggested Questions...

(If you ask about the "in home" location, they will get very confused and think it's in home health services/nursing aid service, so I recommend that you ask about traditional outpatient, office type, mental health/behavioral health care coverage.)

*Is any Prior Authorization for services required?
*Do I have any deductibles that apply?
*What is my copay per visit? How much should I expect to pay out of pocket?
*Is there a limited number of visits/sessions that are covered?
*Are there any exclusions that could make outpatient child therapy otherwise not covered by my plan?

 Our group is in network with BCBS of NC.  
Carolina Parenting Solutions, PLLC
NPI: 1265611271
Tax ID: 84-2431266
BCBS of NC group provider #: 02FRK

 If you need to provide or check under a specific therapist’s medical provider number, use

Ashley Schlieper, MSW, LCSW, LISW-CP
(Attending) NPI:  1275769895

There is a $50 fee for any no shows or appointments canceled in less than 24 hours notice to your therapist. 

We require a $35, nonrefundable, registration fee to seal your appointment with our therapist. That is the only upfront charge. 

Billing Process
Then, the way billing works is that we bill very quickly, usually within 24 hours or so of your appointment.  We wait for the first billing to go through and return an EOB  (Explanation of Benefits) showing what was covered and paid by your insurance plan and what copay/co insurance/deductible is due from you, the family responsibility.  You will get an email statement from us on a regular basis. 

Telephone Consultations 

Often times our families request or require follow up from in person therapy sessions by phone consultation with their primary therapist.  Any clinical/therapy/treatment discussion is considered a therapeutic session and is not covered by insurance plans.  These sessions can be offered, but do incur a cost of $2 per minute charge.  Your primary therapist will remind you of the charge and activity if needed and get your agreement ahead of time of the purpose and estimated time.  Quick emails, text or calls regarding very simple and brief scheduling only issues are not included as a telephone consultation. 


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