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Our Philosophy

Our basic philosophy of our clinical practice is based on years of experience working with the youngest of children and their families.  We have the privilege of witnessing positive change with each and every family we see by starting from the following

Fundamental Philosophy & Approaches:

  • Attachment All childhood development occurs in the context of attachment relationships.  Working on rich social engagement, full present attention and the goodness of fit between a child and  parent is where we begin.   

  • In Home - Natural Environment Children are best served and quality outcomes reached by working in the child's natural environment.​ Parents must become their child's lead expert and advocate.  With support, coaching and clinical intervention from our excellent therapists, we can help you be that expert for your child's long term success.  Strong parental involvement and commitment to your child's social emotional health is essential to family health.

  • Early intervention We serve the youngest children and their families as we believe the earlier needs are identified and healthy responses to those needs are put into place, the more long term success a child will have. 

  • Individualized Treatment Each child and each family is unique.  We value the various strengths, talents, skills, and abilities of our clients.  We help to identify triggers, dynamics and their own set of needs in order to reach positive results.  We work closely with each child and family to develop an individualized plan of care to address needs and reach long term successful outcomes.