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​​​​​​​​Our Methods

Specialized Child & Family Therapy serving the mental health, behavioral health, social emotional, developmental, learning and growth needs for the youngest of children and their parents or primary caregivers in a unique and extremely effective.

Home Visiting Therapy Model

​Our licensed therapists are experts in early childhood development and psychotherapy. Each and every member of our clinical team has extensive training and years of experience to bring to you the answers and help you are seeking.  

Initial Evaluation

We start with a Comprehensive Evaluation of your child's strengths, skills and talents to build upon. We will assess the underlying and triggering factors and relationship dynamics contributing to the challenges and needs.  We pay close attention to all the family dynamics, what's working and what is needed.

Individualized Child and Family Treatment Plan 

Our Therapists work closely with parents, caregivers and the entire family system to create specific approaches and strategies to to build your child's ability to overcome emotional challenges, improve adaptive behaviors and be more successful.  

Effective Parenting Approaches

We believe that parents are the true experts for their own child. We work hand in hand with parents and caregivers to build a richer understanding of your child's abilities and needs so you are empowered to connect, support and teach your child. It is our hope that family functioning improves each and every day, and you can find the joy in parenting again.

As a group, our amazingly dedicated professionals, have easily over 100 years of work, passion and joy sharing time with little ones we serve, helping to improve lives, outcomes and functioning of the individual child and the family that surrounds them. 

We rely on a balance of psycho therapeutic strategies that are best suited for the particular needs of the child and his family.  However our strategies and modalities of intervention are based in evidenced based practices.  We encourage, teach and counsel parents in developing a healthy balance of affection and proactive discipline.

Evidence Based Therapeutic Interventions
Here are some of the approaches that we employ in our practice depending on the unique and special needs of each child and their family.

Traditional Child Psychotherapy
Play Therapy
Parent Psycho Educational Training
Behavioral Modification
Behavioral ShapingUse of Natural & Logical Consequence
Circle of Security
Attachment Therapy
Parent-Child Psychotherapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Triple P Primary Care Stepping Stones
Parent Therapy
Triple P Level 4 Behavioral Interventions
TEACCH Methodology
Coaching & Teaching
Social Skills Building
Systematic Desensitization
Relaxation Therapy
Infant Mental Health
Sensory Processing and Integration
and much more...


In-Home Child & Family Therapy
Professional Parenting Support
Infant Mental Health